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Fishing Tools Rentals

We are your one-stop provider of oilfield rental solutions including Frac Tanks, Ponds, Drilling Tubulars, Mud Pumps, and Fishing Tools to the energy, mining and construction industries in Ghana.

Stray and damaged tools can result in equipment lost downhole causing downtime to drilling and workover operations. Global Success has a large range of fishing and re-entry products engineered to maximize overall drilling operation efficiency and reduce Non Productive Time (NPT).

We have a complete range of associated fishing tools including; Overshots, Spears, Mills, Casing Cutters, Washpipe, Junk Baskets, Drilling and Fishing Operations. This includes Fishing Jars, Accelerators, and Bumper Subs.

Global Success’ accelerators are compatible to be run with both our Drilling Jars and Fishing Jars. The Accelerators will increase the impact. Their primary function is to increase the impulse applied to the stuck point. 

  •  Wash Pipes
  •  Whip Stock Assemblies
  •  Fishing Magnets
  •  Pack off Tools
  •  Over Shots
  •  Ditch Magnets
  •  Fishing Magnets
  •  Casing Rollers
  •  Bumper Subs
  •  Spears
  •  Taper Taps
  •  Agitator Fishing System
  •  External Catch Fishing Tools
  •  Internal Catch Fishing Tools
  •  Junk Catch Fishing Tools
  • All Types of Mills
  •  Wash Over Shoes
  •  Junk Baskets
  •  Safety Joints
  •  Led Impression Blocks
  •  Fishing Jars
  •  Die Collars
  •  Accelerators
  •  Casing Cutters
  •  Spear Stop Subs
  •  Triple Connection Sub
  •  Milling and Cutting Tools
  •  Repair & Remedial Tools
  •  Stroking Tools


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"Some people talk about it for a living, Global Success Ghana Limited does it for a living. Their service is always personal and prompt.”

Thornton Reed


"GSGL staff has provided us with the necessary information and knowledge to hedge our natural gas supplies on the open market for over 10 years.  Their expertise has permitted us to minimize the market risk involved in buying natural gas."

Theresa Reeves

East Resources Inc.

"I have dealt with GSGL for many years and have had no problems in the past with this company. They are very pleasant to deal with and always take the time to make sure things are done right. ” 

Mark Sandberg


"Service from Global Succes Ghana Limited has been very good, they have supplied personnel at very short notice, we will definitely be using Global Success Ghana Limited as our first choice for personnel."

Joe Steve


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