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Ensure safety and reliability, and meet stringent regulations, standards and legislation.

GLOBAL SUCCESS GHANA LIMITED is a wholly owned Ghanaian company which provides logistics and equipment rental solutions, Haulage and transportation services, Imports and Exports etc to the Oil, Gas and Mining Industries in Ghana.

As our experts monitor every aspect of a project to ensure cost expectations and deadlines are met, safety is always a priority. Our staff receives frequent training to stay current on the latest safety and quality standards required in the procurement services, Oil, Gas and Mining industries.

Health & Safety

GLOBAL SUCCESS GHANA LIMITED is committed to providing a safe healthy work place for its employees and contractors. Management believes that an effective safety program is based on the following philosophy:
  • GLOBAL SUCCESS GHANA LIMITED is a good corporate citizen and believes that it is important to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the public.
  • Safety is an integral component of a good business plan.
  • Working safely boosts employee morale, reduces costs and increases profitability.
  •  Appropriate training is essential to be able to work safely.
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of an effective safety program require the Commitment of the entire GLOBAL SUCCESS team. This includes management, employees and contractors.
  • Any worker has the right and responsibility to refuse to do work in an unsafe manner.

GLOBAL SUCCESS will conduct and expects its employees and contractors to conduct company operations according to applicable laws and regulations as well as Company safety policies and procedures.

Everyone employed by GLOBAL SUCCESS GHANA LIMITED is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management Manual. Executive management will provide the resources and authority to implement and maintain the program and will periodically assess its effectiveness. Managers and supervisors will ensure equipment maintenance programs are being followed, ensure that appropriate employee and contractor training is in place, identify safety needs, communicate hazards, investigate incidents  and  accidents,  supply  and  enforce  the  use  of appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing.

Employees and contractors are expected to obey all safety rules, follow recommended procedures, use personal protective equipment and clothing, communicate hazards, ensure equipment is maintained, and assist with ongoing improvements to GLOBAL SUCCESS QHSE  Management Manual. Employees  and  contractors  who  knowingly  violate  safety  rules  may  face  disciplinary  action, dismissal and/or legal action. Individuals, including visitors, who are negligent in fulfilling their safety responsibilities will be held accountable and may be liable under the law. Fulfilling  our  safety  responsibilities  helps  create  a  safe  workplace,  which  benefits  everyone employed by the company as well as all of society. Preventing environmental damage is cheaper than repairing damage.


GLOBAL SUCCESS GHANA Limited is committed to protecting the environment while conducting its operations. Management believes: Operating in  an  environmentally  responsible  manner  is  key  to  ensuring  the  continued growth of the company and the industry. Sound environmental management is an integral component of a good business plan.

Environmental stewardship reduces costs and corporate liability. It enhances shareholder value, boosts employee morale and enhances the company’s image in the eyes of regulators and the public. Managing   GLOBAL SUCCESS GHANA LIMITED’S   environmental   responsibilities   is   a   team effort   requiring   the commitment of management, employees, and contractors.

An effective environmental program is required to help operations staff to understand and comply with environmental laws and regulations and to minimize the costs and liabilities associated with environmental damage. It also will satisfy  the  concerns  of  investors,  analysts,  bankers,  partners,  and  the  public  that environmental issues are being managed properly and will provide a due-diligence defense in the event of an environmental incident.

GLOBAL SUCCESS GHANA Limited expects its employees and contractors to conduct  company  operations  according  to applicable  environmental  laws  and  regulations,  accepted  industry  practices,  guidelines and procedures as outlined in its Health, Safety and Environment Management Manual.

The Company will manage environmental risk through employee training, proper facility design and maintenance as well as periodic facility audits to ensure compliance. Employees and contractors who knowingly violate environmental regulations and GLOBAL SUCCESS environmental policies and procedures may face disciplinary action, dismissal, and/or legal action.

Fulfilling our environmental responsibilities benefits everyone employed by the company as well as all of society.  The company pledges to do the following:

  • Strive to achieve the goal of zero accidents and injuries.
  • Provide mechanical and physical safeguards wherever they are necessary.
  • Conditions, control health hazards, and comply with all applicable safety and health requirements.
    onduct routine safety and health inspections to find and eliminate unsafe working
  • Train all employees in safe work practices and procedures.
  • Provide employees with necessary personal protective equipment and train them to use and care for it properly.
  • Enforce company safety and health rules and require employees to follow the rules as a condition of employment.
  • Investigate accidents to determine the cause and prevent similar accidents.


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"Some people talk about it for a living, Global Success Ghana Limited does it for a living. Their service is always personal and prompt.”

Thornton Reed


"GSGL staff has provided us with the necessary information and knowledge to hedge our natural gas supplies on the open market for over 10 years.  Their expertise has permitted us to minimize the market risk involved in buying natural gas."

Theresa Reeves

East Resources Inc.

"I have dealt with GSGL for many years and have had no problems in the past with this company. They are very pleasant to deal with and always take the time to make sure things are done right. ” 

Mark Sandberg


"Service from Global Succes Ghana Limited has been very good, they have supplied personnel at very short notice, we will definitely be using Global Success Ghana Limited as our first choice for personnel."

Joe Steve


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