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Strength & Strategy

Ensure safety and reliability, and meet stringent regulations, standards and legislation.


To achieve this height, GLOBAL SUCCESS GHANA LIMITED has the following as its key performance indicators to drive its mission;

  • Compliance to statutory laws and regulatory institutions
  • Investment in Human Resources
  • To deliver satisfactory service
  • Customer service satisfactory a key priority
  • Supply chain visibility to customers through internet which directly correlates to the satisfaction of clients.
  • Controls will be put in place to safe guard the company’s assets and to maintain and sustain good product quality.
  • Presence in the West African sub-region through partnerships.
  • The company will be proactive and react to the needs of its publics including customers, suppliers, personnel and government authorities and take innovative steps to position itself to maximize benefits and minimize losses.
  • Excellent supply chain management.
  • The bouquet of services provided makes customer confident to choose us.
  • Seek client’s response to advertising and promotions.
  • To be actively involved on social media
  • The human resources of the company will be optimized with training.


What People Are Saying

"Some people talk about it for a living, Global Success Ghana Limited does it for a living. Their service is always personal and prompt.”

Thornton Reed


"GSGL staff has provided us with the necessary information and knowledge to hedge our natural gas supplies on the open market for over 10 years.  Their expertise has permitted us to minimize the market risk involved in buying natural gas."

Theresa Reeves

East Resources Inc.

"I have dealt with GSGL for many years and have had no problems in the past with this company. They are very pleasant to deal with and always take the time to make sure things are done right. ” 

Mark Sandberg


"Service from Global Succes Ghana Limited has been very good, they have supplied personnel at very short notice, we will definitely be using Global Success Ghana Limited as our first choice for personnel."

Joe Steve


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